Extrusion issue

We purchased Potterware about a year ago and have no problems. Our printer setting in 4.0 was set to Potterbot Duet Standard even though we own a Potterbot 9 Standard. In the latest update of Potterware the Duet version is now gone. When we switch to Potterbot 9 we have issues with the extrusion speed. The clay extrudes too slowly and causes the print to fail. Any help would be much appreciated.

Windows 10

Hi @Dvuillaume. Thanks for sharing this issue. Have you tried increasing the Extrusion Speed % slider in Potterware? You could go up to 200-300% and see if that solves the issue. We updated to defaults set given to us by Potterbot and they are little different from the previous version, however with the Extrusion speed slider you should be able to match the same full range of extrusion rates as before.

That worked, we did move the Extrusion Speed but not by 200-300. Thank you for your help.