Hi I am Matthew Dickerson


I am the Ceramic Tech at California State University, San Bernardino. I’ve worked with ceramics for about 16 years. With the help of a former student assistant we built a delta style 3d ceramic printer based off of Jonathan Keep and improved by Bryan Czibesz. I have some Experience working with Potterdraw, Meshmixer and Oculus Medium.

I am still more of a ceramicist than a designer but I am constantly trying to push the applications of a 3D ceramic printer for ceramic art. I like to incorporate printed objects with hand built or other ceramic elements or attachments. Most of my experience is with Potterdraw and Oculus Medium where I can create very organic forms with the stamps. The printer I work with is a Potterbot XXL 9 which is a great improvement in comprison to the DIY delta printer I made.

I have not had too much experience with Potterware yet but I do look forward to experimenting with vertical effects, image map and loops. I am quite eager to see what students at my university will be coming up with as well.

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Super cool prints Mathew! Really impressive and wonderful forms/surfaces, and looks like you’ve successfully printed at a large scale. Congratulations!