Hi! I'm Stephy Miehle

Hello :wave:

I work in all things digital media: mostly graphic design and web development, but (just like many other makers) love exploring technology and combining my skillsets. I own a small development/design business with my husband and also teach digital media courses at McHenry County College.

I started taking a MCC ceramics course for fun and stress relief in 2019, and one day, I saw two people having some tech trouble on the computer in the studio. I stepped in to help debug, not realizing that one of them (Tom Vician) was the main ceramics instructor for the day classes. We became friendly and I offered any tech assistance if needed, which came in handy when I learned that the school had recently purchased a 3DPotter Potterbot 9 and license to POTTERWARE. Tom and I quickly started spending weekends in the studio exploring the software so that we could share our knowledge with his advanced ceramics students – we even wrote an early version of what became the POTTERWARE Documentation. Now, many of those students are absolutely hooked on 3D ceramic printing. It’s been exciting to see everyone’s skills and confidence grow.

As a 3D ceramic artist, I spend a lot of time experimenting and tinkering. Most recently, that’s involved converting my digital illustrations into surface decoration on printed ceramics. My initial designs were somewhat successful with a lithoplane tool, but the very next week, image mapping was released on POTTERWARE, totally blowing those first attempts out of the water. I finally feel that I am coming full-circle by incorporating my design skills and am excited to explore this new direction.

Here are two of my most recent pieces (yet to be fired):

Outside of the studio, I love to travel and cook, and I recently adopted two adorable kittens that love to try to topple any ceramics I have on my desk or shelves :laughing: I post my updates on Instagram as @stemceramics and plan on eventually building up some ceramic resources on my website by the same name.