Object disappearing when loops is on

Hi just subscribed to Potterware and was playing around with 4.0

I saw the loops under object settings and turned it on but then my object disappeared. The only thing I can see is the outline of the print bed. This looks pretty new as I cannot find anything on the documentation page. I am pretty new and learning how to use potterware.

Using Potterware 4.0
Windows 10 64 bit

Welcome to Potterware fun! Yes, I plan to make a new video about loops. It’s a fairly sensitive feature, and smaller amplitudes work best. Try switching rendering modes from curves to extrusion. Try refreshing too - sometimes if internet is temperamental, this feature is hard to see. It’s also a little hard to understand how it works and what settings work best. I am still working with the developer to understand how to best explain it in a video! -Lynda

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Hi @Radimvice I believe you are referring to the loops associated with the image mapping settings. They will only work when you have the image map option on (Its a couple options higher in the list before Loops). You may find you run into a computation limit if you try the image tools on larger objects.

If you are after generally loopy textures, try out the wave options in the Horizontal Effects menu. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for getting back to me everyone! I’ll try those tips out next time I’m making an object.