Printer extruding print off the side of the printer bed. Why?!

Hello all!

May name is Erin Berry, I am a new Potterware user and I am still in the understanding stages of working with the program and my printer (3D Potterbot super 9). I successfully set up and printed the test cylinder and some basic potterware cups but today for some reason when I tried to print another cup form for the potterware program the printer bed moves all the way over so that the x rail is all the way to the left and front. Then the printer starts extruding the print off the corner of the batt.
I realize this might be something in the g-code file but I’m just confused about what the problem could be and what is causing it. It seems all the files I export from Potterware now do the same thing whereas the other day they printed normally into the middle of the batt. I went back and printed the test cylinder again and it printed in the middle of the batt as usual so I’m pretty sure its something I’m doing in potterware (I just have no idea what it could be).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

**Browser: Chrome
**Operating System:

Hi Erin,

This sounds as if the wrong printer might be selected in the print settings. Some of the other printer models have different origin points which will lead to this kind of issue.