Stuck on 1st layer

Which feature are you having trouble with?
Hey there! I recently purchased a potterbot micro 9 and ran the tests included in the software but the gcode is from 3D Simplify. I set up printer settings on potterbot accordingly

When I upload the gcode file to potterbot, it starts the first layer and is stuck on that layer, doesn’t move up… trying to figure out what the difference is in the code- any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Browser: Chrome
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi, if you upload your problematic Gcode here I can try to offer some advice. Thanks.

@SandyCurth Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the help! And would like to understand this better.

Form Test Sine.Tooth.gcode (114.3 KB)

Ahh I think your issue may literally be the name of the file. You can’t have an extra period in the name. That will make this a ".tooth"file. When I load the file as “Form Test Sine.gcode” it looks like it should work normally. Though your speed seems a bit low but that is something you can experiment with on the machine or in potterware.

So I just gave that a go and the machine started to make a terrible sound :worried: but it continued to do the same circle and not move up. I then tried a test that came with potterbot and printed just fine without the terrible sound.

Here’s the sample gcode that came with it- though it was created with 3D Simplify, I have yet to be able to point out the difference.

Test Vase Micro.gcode (194.4 KB)

@Tvlip did you try increasing the print speed? The code looks correct, the only anomalous thing I see is that your feedrate (the speed of the machine) is very low compared to a normal example file. You can increase this in Potterware with print speed, or you can change the number directly in a text editor. Potterware remembers certain settings in the browser so its possible if you were just moving sliders around when you first got the tool that this was set to a strangely low value. Let us know if that helps.

very strange! So, I fixed the settings now to an F2400 print speed. But the Z-Axis just isn’t moving up. I’m noticing that all my “Z’s” on my code are all 0’s but when I went ahead and deleted a few Z’s, nothing made a difference.