Unable to download files


I’ve gotten reports that some of the students I am working with are not able to download their objects.

We’re currently teaching a hybrid/remote ceramics class so the browsers and OS’s are different depending on their computer. They are most likely working with potterware 4.0 possibly 3.0.

Are there certain settings that need to be adjusted? One student did tell me they were using Chrome which is one of the recommended browsers. Let me know if more information is needed. Any help for resolving this is appreciated.

Hi @Radimvice

Are they having trouble downloading gcode or saving potterware files? Or one of the other download options. Thanks!

Whenever they try to download any of the file types a window pops up and prevents it from downloading. I Included a picture of the window that shows up. I had another student on a PC who had a similar window show up but they were able to downlaod the file.

Screenshot 2021-02-24 134712

Are you still experiencing this issue? Haven’t been able to replicate it on my mac. Thanks